My New Blog

Well Hello,

I’ve been a wedding DJ since 1994, a little over 21 years and over 1900 events, mostly weddings. I have seen some CRAZY stuff over the years and I have seen some wonderful things.  I love my job, I can’t imagine doing anything else and that is pretty amazing to me because up until I started being a DJ, I didn’t love any job I had before that. I feel that I found my calling, I was born to DJ weddings! Now it would be nice if I was born to be a brain surgeon or something that paid millions of dollars but  just the fact that I have lived the past 21 years loving my job is something many people never get to experience for even a day. So in that regard I consider myself a very lucky guy.

I’ve been asked what the craziest thing I’ve ever seen at a wedding was and what song I play the most and what’s the worst thing I’ve seen etc.. I don’t know how many people will find this blog and read it, but I’m going to try and have a little fun with it.

Stories are a sensitive topic for engaged people because I’ve found that if I tell any of my crazy stories to couples planning a wedding, they start wondering if whatever I just told them is going to happen at their wedding. But if you do the math, 99.5% of my weddings have gone flawlessly. It’s the other .05% that make for the good stories. I’ve seen 175 people sing along and jump up and down in time to Don’t Stop Believin’ and it was incredible. I’ve seen a groom surprise his bride a new Porsche on their wedding day and it was incredible. I’ve seen a few things that weren’t so incredible as well.

I’ll get into some of my most interesting stories and some of my professional opinions as well. I’m going to write an article about sweetheart tables and head tables sometime soon because they aren’t as much fun as they seem.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading my first post!