DJ Steve McCoy got the Axe

My boy Steve McCoy started DJing on Atlanta radio in 1981 on the station I listened to back in the day Z-93. His job was to be an “on air personality” and he was with a couple of other stations here in Atlanta, also in Dallas and Denver.

On air personalities do all kinds of crazy stuff to be entertaining. Prank phone calls, bogus interviews, remote broadcasts from crazy places etc..

Steve-O was a funny dude for many years in this city. Then he got let go in 2010 and got a job in Denver. His family still lived here and he came home when he could, but as you can imagine that sucked.  He lasted 18 months in Denver and decided to hang it up and move back to A town. He then got a job for news radio 106.7. This isn’t the best fit, old funny boy Steve reporting the news but hey, it’s a paying gig.

So while reporting the news, Steve was expecting a phone call from Donald Trump for an interview and the call never came. Steve, resourceful funny man that he is and having been promoting this interview, whipped out a recording of an old interview and played it as if it was just happening.

Here’s the problem. On a radio station that is mostly music and you are an on air personality, you aren’t expected to be all that credible and if you get busted playing some BS interview, that’s no biggie. BUT… If you are a newscaster on a news radio station and you play some BS interview, it’s yo ass. Because then you are a news reporter who’s just a big fat liar.

If only Steve knew then what he knows now, poor guy. I think he’s 61 and he has Parkinson’s now. I have no idea what his finances are like but I hope he doesn’t need a job to pay the rent.

All in all though, I love ya Steve buddy and I’m sorry this happened to you!


Source: AJC and AJC

Atlanta DJ (ME) When Stuff Breaks

I recently DJ’d a wedding in the Atlanta area and the bride requested that immediately following the first dance I play Uptown Funk and get everyone on the dance floor followed by a couple more upbeat songs and have a quick little party before the meal was served. Then continue the party after everyone was finished eating.

Well, as luck would have it, one of my speakers stopped playing 20 seconds into Uptown Funk. It was a rather large crowd and I could “limp” through the beginning party with just the one speaker and sub but the sound wasn’t as full as it should have been.

I ran to my truck and grabbed a backup speaker, ran back in and plugged it in in place of the dead speaker, nothing. Uptown Funk was almost over. I had two XLR cables between my mixer and the dead speaker. I mix into the second song and replace the first XLR cable with a different cable, nothing. I then replace the second cable and still, nothing. Well, there’s only one thing left, the cable going from my laptop to the input on my mixer. The only way I can change that is to lose sound for a second to both speakers. I wait for the second song to end, yank the cable out and say into the microphone, “Let’s hear it for the Bride and Groom!” But I said their names. While I was saying that and everyone cheered, I plugged the new cable in and sure enough it solved my problem without anyone ever knowing I had a problem.

From the time I lost sound from one speaker to the time I troubleshot and fixed the problem was roughly six minutes. Two of those minutes was waiting for the second song to end. That, among other things is what a professional DJ can do for you that an iPod or a hobbiest DJ cannot.

The show must go on! Any professional quality DJ should be able to do that repair on the fly. It’s definitely something you want at your wedding. If one speaker quits during the first party song and you have to go the remainder of the time with just one speaker, that’s not going to be very fun. ;-(

So the moral of the story is hire a good DJ who can insure you a great wedding day! YAY!

Ted — OUT!


The Atlanta Journal says a Colorado DJ grabbed Taylor Swift’s Badonkadonk

So apparently in 2013 a radio DJ went on a meet and greet with his girlfriend to meet Taylor Swift. The details are pretty sketchy and why is this coming to light two years later?

  1. Taylor says, “He lifted my skirt and grabbed my butt.”
  2. The DJ got fired.
  3. He sued for his lost income and claims it wasn’t him but he knows who it was.
  4. The radio station says, “Oh nuh nuh no, we have evidence it was you.”

In my 21 years as a DJ, nary a butt have I grabbed, but didn’t she slap him or scream or something? Didn’t anyone have an iPhone on the sitch? Oh well, let’s hope justice prevails.

TC – Atlanta DJ and non butt grabber – OUT!~

Source: AJC 

Bad Day for a DJ

It appears that Atlanta DJ Steve Rickman had a chance to interview the cast of the movie Fantastic Four and pretty much blew it. His primary focus was Kate Mara’s hair and he had a moment of racism. They didn’t specifically say so but from the sound of the video the cast just got up and left in the middle. He doesn’t do weddings so no worries there. But you normally expect a little more  upstanding behavior out of and type of professional Atlanta DJ. Come on Steve!

Source: Interview Article

Sweetheart Tables – Not So Sweet

Many times I go to a wedding and I see that the floor plan includes a sweetheart table, which is a table for just the bride and groom or a head table, which is a table for just the wedding party, all sitting on one side of the table facing the same direction. Both of these table types are good for pictures however to sit at them for dinner is BOOOORRING!

As a bride and groom, you have invited the people in your life that you care the most about to join you on your special day.  If you opt for a sweetheart table, the two of you sit by yourselves and watch everyone else sit at tables of ten having a good old time while the two of you quietly eat. I’ve probably seen this 500 times. The bride and groom either quickly eat or don’t eat and get up and start going table to table to interact with the guests and thank them for coming. In a head table situation, you can easily get caught in the trap where the person on each side of you is talking to the person on the other side of them and you have no one to talk with. The dates of the bridesmaids and groomsmen sit at another table, without their dates.

In my humble opinion, the most fun you can have at dinner during your reception is to sit at a round table for ten people with your close family members, your wedding party, some members of your wedding party and their dates or your eight favorite people in the room. Usually, no one will analyze why the seating chart is the way it is.

If there isn’t table numbers and/or assigned seating, plainly mark two seats, one for the bride and one for the groom and sit with whatever eight people choose to join you. This is important because I’ve seen many times where the bride and groom (always the last to enter the room) don’t have a seat at all.

In conclusion. Sweetheart and head tables make for good pictures. If you want good pictures more than you want to enjoy a social dinner, go for it! If you want to have a fun social dinner with your loved ones, now you know how! 😉

My New Blog

Well Hello,

I’ve been a wedding DJ since 1994, a little over 21 years and over 1900 events, mostly weddings. I have seen some CRAZY stuff over the years and I have seen some wonderful things.  I love my job, I can’t imagine doing anything else and that is pretty amazing to me because up until I started being a DJ, I didn’t love any job I had before that. I feel that I found my calling, I was born to DJ weddings! Now it would be nice if I was born to be a brain surgeon or something that paid millions of dollars but  just the fact that I have lived the past 21 years loving my job is something many people never get to experience for even a day. So in that regard I consider myself a very lucky guy.

I’ve been asked what the craziest thing I’ve ever seen at a wedding was and what song I play the most and what’s the worst thing I’ve seen etc.. I don’t know how many people will find this blog and read it, but I’m going to try and have a little fun with it.

Stories are a sensitive topic for engaged people because I’ve found that if I tell any of my crazy stories to couples planning a wedding, they start wondering if whatever I just told them is going to happen at their wedding. But if you do the math, 99.5% of my weddings have gone flawlessly. It’s the other .05% that make for the good stories. I’ve seen 175 people sing along and jump up and down in time to Don’t Stop Believin’ and it was incredible. I’ve seen a groom surprise his bride a new Porsche on their wedding day and it was incredible. I’ve seen a few things that weren’t so incredible as well.

I’ll get into some of my most interesting stories and some of my professional opinions as well. I’m going to write an article about sweetheart tables and head tables sometime soon because they aren’t as much fun as they seem.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading my first post!