The Atlanta Journal says a Colorado DJ grabbed Taylor Swift’s Badonkadonk

So apparently in 2013 a radio DJ went on a meet and greet with his girlfriend to meet Taylor Swift. The details are pretty sketchy and why is this coming to light two years later?

  1. Taylor says, “He lifted my skirt and grabbed my butt.”
  2. The DJ got fired.
  3. He sued for his lost income and claims it wasn’t him but he knows who it was.
  4. The radio station says, “Oh nuh nuh no, we have evidence it was you.”

In my 21 years as a DJ, nary a butt have I grabbed, but didn’t she slap him or scream or something? Didn’t anyone have an iPhone on the sitch? Oh well, let’s hope justice prevails.

TC – Atlanta DJ and non butt grabber – OUT!~

Source: AJC